What’s in the box?

All this talk of the Lab Without Walls, and we’ve said very little about what’s in the boxes we shipped. Now’s the time to open the lid and take a look inside. The concept is a portable molecular microbiology lab. That has been achieved in a series of modules, each of which can be quickly […]

Lab Without Walls Can Do

Take a look at the possibilities for lasting health development in East Timor through the eyes of the Lab Without Walls team.

Next gig?

When will the lab Without Walls be back in East Timor?

Lab Without Walls in East Timor

How the Lab Without Walls Foundation introduced molecular microbiology to a medical clinical in Dili, East Timor.

Fingerprinting mycobacteria quicker

MANTRA, a new PCR-based genotyping method for field investigations of tuberculosis. Commentary on method and preliminary report.