all our notes on the Tropical Medicine centenary meeting in Townsville,QLD, 11-13th June, 2010

Tropical Medicine Masterclass

Tropical Medicine Masterclass 2010: arbovirus infections, helminth infections, trypanosomiasis, rickettsial infections, traveller’s diarrhoea all covered in notes for those who were unable to get there [see ‘Lost for Words’]

Lost for words

highlights of the Townsville tropical medicine centenary conference included a tropical medicine masterclass, plenary lectures on snake bite, emerging arbovirus infections, rickettsial diseases, traveller’s diarrhoea, travel-associated neurological diseases (including rabies) as well as MicroGnome’s very own Lab-in-a-box. Here we provide notes on those sessions.

Celebrating 100 years of tropical medicine in Townsville.

still time to register for the tropical medicine masterclass and centenary conference