Ring cycle expounded

The challenge of the newest human malaria parasite. Recognition of ring forms and other stages will help differentiate from other Plasmodia.

Serial killer?

Critical audit of serial blood film screening for malaria in Australian hospitals finds only 3.5% cases detected after negative first blood film and RDT.

Ross River Virus Infection

5 fact summary of key points about infections caused by the mosquito-borne Ross River virus in Australia and neighbouring countries

The Road Less Travelled

Lab Without Walls has a team travelling from Broome to Kununurra during National Science Week, taking a molecular field lab with them. They will test mashed mosquitoes for Australian regional arboviruses an soils for the bacterial cause of melioidosis. In doing so, the team will understand how to get PCR methods going to support improvements in regional pathology services.

Around the traps

Lab Without Walls digs the red dirt collecting mosquito traps and testing for arboviruses in the Kimberley