Deadlier than sharks

On the figures, mosquitoes are deadlier than sharks, killing and disabling more people by far. Beware the humble mosquito.

Coffee alert

Coffee alert: diseases affecting the coffee crop are already affecting global coffee production, but what about the people who work on the coffee harvest? They are at risk of exposure to tropical infections including a collection of neglected tropical diseases

Lab Without Walls in East Timor

How the Lab Without Walls Foundation introduced molecular microbiology to a medical clinical in Dili, East Timor.

Sinister soils

Melioidosis is a potentially fatal tropical, soil-borne infection prevalent in Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and other parts of the intertropical zone. Though relatively uncommon in Australia, agriculture, mining and the effects of climate change are expected to affect the epidemiology of melioidosis. Improved methods for targeted environmental surveillance for Burkholderia pseudomallei, the bacterial cause of melioidosis, is urgently needed.

Dirt, disease and Darwin

reports of increase in melioidosis cases in NT