The Great White Shark attack debate

New measures to protect Western Australians against shark attacks have provoked a wide-ranging debate about their likely impact on deaths, injuries and protected shark species.

Sharkenings – shark attacks to come?

The most recent shark attacks off WA provoked wild claims about our unsafe waters. Figures over the last decade show no more than 2 fatalities per year, or a maximum of around 1 per million residents. The graphs tell a different story from some you may have heard.

Shark politics

Shark politics: should we abandon use of the term “shark attack”.
Follow sightings, near-misses and attacks on un updated map.

Shark map

Shark map WA: location and time line for recent shark attacks off the WA coast

Shark culture

The majority of shark bites are not immediately fatal and are prone to infection by the bacteria found in and around shark teeth. A group from northeastern Brazil captured bull & tiger sharks to find out what bacteria were present on their teeth (Interaminense JA et al. J Med Microbiol 2010; 59:941-7).