Trapped! Hitting the traps for NSW 2012

The Lab Without Walls roadshow team hit their staps, and get the show rolling in Broome with an outdoor demonstration of their lab in a suitcase.

The Road Less Travelled

Lab Without Walls has a team travelling from Broome to Kununurra during National Science Week, taking a molecular field lab with them. They will test mashed mosquitoes for Australian regional arboviruses an soils for the bacterial cause of melioidosis. In doing so, the team will understand how to get PCR methods going to support improvements in regional pathology services.

Crocodile bites

Crocodile bites do more than maim or kill. Smaller bites can also cause nasty infections.

Seasonal infections

LETICE, RELATED, influenza and melioidosis have only one thing in common.

The whole gnome

Draft genomes for 15 bacteria from the genus Burkholderia, and the legend of the micrognome