Coronavirus’s centre of gravity

We need to know our coronavirus enemy. In order to plan our return to normality, we need to consider SARS coronavirus’s key attributes, and what makes up its centre of gravity.

Presymptomatic COVID-19

The prodigious transmissibility of the emerging coronavirus we now call SARS-CoV-2 has raised questions about the period leading up to symptomatic infection. If a presymptomatic stage of COVID-19 is common, it could contribute to spread of the virus and explain its high transmissibility.  This is important for how the infection should be diagnosed and controlled.

The Road Less Travelled

Lab Without Walls has a team travelling from Broome to Kununurra during National Science Week, taking a molecular field lab with them. They will test mashed mosquitoes for Australian regional arboviruses an soils for the bacterial cause of melioidosis. In doing so, the team will understand how to get PCR methods going to support improvements in regional pathology services.

Lab Without Walls 2012

Lab Without Walls 2012 programme of activities and events. See if the lab will be in action near to you this year.

Mozzie Mash – Lab Without Walls

Mozzie Mash & Mudpies: Lab Without Walls Roadshow to travel from Broome to Kununurra during National Science Week, August 2012