Lab Without Walls 2012

The Lab Without Walls (LWW)

miniopticon thermocyler at work

The Lab Without Walls is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to bring new pathology methods into use in remote, rural and regional locations where contemporary medical science has been lacking. Our aim is to develop capability, deploy field pathology methods where there are unmet medical needs and demonstrate the feasibility and impact of those methods.

Words that have been used to describe previous Lab Without Walls projects include ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘pioneering’. Our field workers have a growing amount of experience putting pathology to work in unfamiliar locations and see their work as a problem-solving activity – the logical outcome of rapidly developing medical technology.

While much of LWW’s work is operating molecular methods in distant places, we recognise the importance of appropriate technology. We recently joined with the UWA School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Paladin Energy Ltd to ship a teaching microscope set for use in a regional hospital in northern Malawi where it will be used for malaria and tuberculosis diagnostic work.


Lab Without Walls‘ 2012 programme includes:

  • March – microscope set for Malawi
  • April – preparation for National Science Week, Eastern Kimberley
  • June – fieldwork and methods workshop in Colombo & Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • AugustNational Science Week – Mozzie Mash & Mudpies roadshow, Kimberley, WA
  • October – familiarisation field trip, Masters in Infectious Diseases programme, UWA
  • December –  fieldwork and methods workshop in Ipoh, Malaysia

MicroGnome, June 2012


Mozzie Mash – Lab Without Walls

Mozzie Mash & Mud Pies: Lab Without Walls Roadshow

It’s been a bit quite on this blog for a while. Followers of the MicroGnome may wonder what’s been happening.

Those in the know have already realised that a lot has been going on at the home of the gnome. We can now pull back the curtains to reveal what we’ve been working on: our programme for National Science Week.

Lab Without Walls, supported by PathWest Laboratory Medicine and the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine  at UWA, is going on the road again. This time, without any holding back.


LWW will be showcasing pathology methods used in recent fieldwork (MicroGnome: Around the Traps). If you live in the Kimberley, watch out for the LWW roadshow; Mozzie Mash and Mudpies. We’re going to show you what’s cooking in our kitchen. The plans are to demonstrate how we trap and analyse the mosquitoes that transmit virus infections like Murray Valley Encephalitis and Ross River infection. Local organisations will be taking part in a series of public science activities from Broome to Kununurra during National Science Week.

We will also take a look at bacteria in soil, including that one with a dreadfully long name (Burkholderia pseudomallei) that causes a serious infection called melioidosis. Hence the mud pies.

Watch this space for news of the Mozzie Mash & Mud Pies roadshow programme, and other Lab Without Walls activities this year.