Coffee alert

Coffee alert: diseases affecting the coffee crop are already affecting global coffee production, but what about the people who work on the coffee harvest? They are at risk of exposure to tropical infections including a collection of neglected tropical diseases


Leishmaniasis:  5 point summary of highlights, further details in leishmaniasis module of Tropical Medicine teaching series parasitic infection transmitted by the bite of a sandfly distinct skin, mucocutaneous & visceral forms of infection are known leishmaniasis is present in one or more of its forms in the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East & Mediterranean rim, Central and […]

Tropical Medicine Short Course

A short revision course in tropical medicine & travel health.

Leishmania lovelies

video shot of leishmania promastigotes

Parasitology Masterclass

Notes from the Parasitology & Tropical Medicine Masterclass, RMIT, Melbourne, 2010 with links to key supplementary sources of information.