Missing parasites?

Notes on clinical tropical medicine, parasitology and entomology of Leishmaniasis

Abdominal pain in an overseas resident

case of upper abdominal pain in overseas resident

Mad dog

So here it is; MicroGnome’s FACTM teaching unit on rabies. You can find supplementary materials on the Priobe Net. ABC News, video clip on rabies outbreak in Bali, 29-DEC-10

Tropical Medicine Masterclass

Tropical Medicine Masterclass 2010: arbovirus infections, helminth infections, trypanosomiasis, rickettsial infections, traveller’s diarrhoea all covered in notes for those who were unable to get there [see ‘Lost for Words’]

Another good read

recommended reading on rabies & schistosomiasis for part 1 FACTM candidates, from Oxford handbook, Manson’s Tropical Diseases and Diagnostic Parasitology