Language lapse or sloppy semantics? Time for accessible words

Leading experts make a plea for standard language to describe the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance. The words we use need to be accessible.

Micrognome rebooted

See what’s in store from the Micrognome, now that he’s back on the case.

The 2013 Micrognome Report

The Micrognome’s highlights from 2013: a new home, global health & development, clinical microbiology teaching & training, eBooks and the last word on a few farewells.

Flipping the classroom

How we fared in our first shot at flipping the clinical microbiology classroom: malaria and tuberculosis ePractical, September 2013.

Micrognome in eBook launch

eBook on clinical microbiology and infectious diseases for for students of medicine, nursing, dentistry and allied health science in iPad and Kindle formats