Bread Winners in search of germs overseas

While on the Asian bread trail, the Lab Without Walls team took the lab in a box (air portable suitcase version) on a training excursion to Ipoh, Malaysia. They used PCR methods to confirm Burkholderia app, identified bacteria from blood cultures and detected dengue virus types 1 and 2.

Shark politics

Shark politics: should we abandon use of the term “shark attack”.
Follow sightings, near-misses and attacks on un updated map.

The bacterial full stop

The bacterial full stop, viral question mark and parasitic comma should all give you reason to pause for breath, if not reflection. Read how the language of infection is punctuated here.


Snowflake? the beauty of fractal geometry as demonstrated by a colony of bacteria growing on a semi-solid agar surface

Numero – number

Infection is a numbers game, so it is suprising that clinical microbiology is a mainly qualitative science. Here are some thoughts on the problem of zero, the myth of one and how to get your ducks in a row.