The rat’s tale

Introduction to the lab rat, rtRat; the newest member of the Micrognome’s team. Hear his pronouncement on a new medically significant bacterial genus.

Septicaemia lecture

Lecture notes on septicaemia & bacteraemia

That soprano again

Septicaemia is a complex clinical entity. Successful clinical management requires prompt decision-making supported by selective use of laboratory aids. A knowledge of the local epidemiology assists presumptive antibiotic choice.

Watching the detectives

“Clinicians understand that sepsis is often a challenging diagnosis to establish at the bedside. Our report provides data supporting this assertion -namely, that in clinical practice ˜1 in 5 patients with suspected sepsis at admission may actually have a noninfectious disease that mimics the presentation of sepsis.” Heffner et al. CID, 2010.