Back story

Back story or back to basics? Our tale of a bad back, recently posted online by no less than the New England Journal, has a bit of background for students of microbial trivia. The Klebsiella that caused that specific infection had a collection of nasty attributes. This is the back story. For some years now […]

Micrognome joins Gr8 Deb8 (debate)

How a team of clinicians won the debate on clinical diagnostician v Dr Google, and why medicine will survive the challenge from DIY internet diagnosis by doing what it has done for centuries; embracing, adapting and mastering beneficial technology.

How serology works

Serology tests commonly used in clinical microbiology and public health laboratories. Cartoon diagrams of complex serology tests included.

Ring cycle expounded

The challenge of the newest human malaria parasite. Recognition of ring forms and other stages will help differentiate from other Plasmodia.

Serial killer?

Critical audit of serial blood film screening for malaria in Australian hospitals finds only 3.5% cases detected after negative first blood film and RDT.