2014 molecular microbiology meeting

The 2014 Molecular Microbiology Meeting in Sydney, NSW, with reports on whole genome sequencing for bacteriology, emerging CPE in Europe, Vancomycin resistant staphylococci and molecular methods in sepsis.

Greeks bearing gifts

Classical Greek and Latin laid a foundation for many of the terms in current medical currency. Much of this heritage harks back to the Greek writings of Hippocrates and the later work of the slightly less renowned Galen. Medicine has much to thank the classical era for. But the Greeks weren’t all sweetness and light. They had their darker moments, as readers of The Iliad know all too well.

The 2013 Micrognome Report

The Micrognome’s highlights from 2013: a new home, global health & development, clinical microbiology teaching & training, eBooks and the last word on a few farewells.

World Melioidosis Congress conference report

Highlights of the 7th World Melioidosis Congress, held in Bangkok between 18th and 20th September, 2013.

Antibiotic Armageddon

A fresh looking at the battle with antibiotic resistance, with a call to arms.