GroundsWell: staying focussed in the time of COVID-19

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  • Information overloaded?
  • Anxious about the impact of COVID?


The 3:30

Here are some simple mental health maintenance tools based on the art of regular self-examination, developed with a group of friends and colleagues. They come in the form of a list of three simple questions to ask yourself at the start of each day, and to review at the end of each week. This should take no more than 30 seconds, hence the 3:30.

  1. What do I stand for? This speaks to values and can be a single property, characteristic or attribute you identify with.
  2. Do my mates see it in my behaviour? How much evidence do your household, friends and colleagues have of your values – try scoring this by percentage.
  3. What one thing can I do to convince them? This need be no more than one small task you can commit to today.

At the weekend, look back on how it’s gone. A diary entry will help to show you have much a regular 3:30 self-examination will help ground your day. It defines what the Stoics called your ‘circle of control’; the things you can determine without help or outside interference.