Missing Micrognome found lurking in northern Europe

Rumours of the Micrognome’s demise have been gathering for some time. So a search party was sent out to locate the missing gnome or confirm his fate. Fortunately our efforts have not been wasted. True, there were a few false trails, but we can now reveal that we have been able to verify recent sightings in northern Europe.


Frightened of resistance?

According to our gnomefinder-general, the Micrognome took to the woods at the news of resurgent antimicrobial resistance. At present Europe is at the forefront of the battle against resistance, bringing global attention to the subject. So no quiet retirement for the Micrognome, his colleague the MicroB, located on a mossy birch stump, or their friend the Lab Rat seen here boxed in at the Nobel Museum.


Taking AMR seriously

For those who have been waiting patiently for reassembly of our intrepid team, the wait is almost over. But there are a few skeptics out there who still don’t think antimicrobial resistance is anything worth bothering about. Well, our three bug-busters respectfully suggest they take a look at what the adults are saying about untreatable infection:

Tragedy of the commons

The Micrognome’s considered opinion is that there may be a consensus on AMR strategy, but there is still a long way to go on the application at ground level. We are missing a plan. Good ideas from the great and the good rarely percolate down from the lofty mountain heights to the the murky depths of pine forests and birchwoods where micrognomes are at home. The specific tasks to control, turn back and eventually eliminate AMR are going to take more than just the micrognome and friends to set in motion. It needs to be a giant effort to conserve the dwindling stock of effective antibiotics, reserve them for evidence based use so that their benefits are preserved for those in most need. Conserve. Reserve. Preserve. These will be the watchwords for the coming fight to overturn the AMR tragedy of the commons.

So don’t leave it to infection to test how much you’re missing on AMR. You really don’t want to end up like this interesting specimen.


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