the Gnome returns

SE over TF gulls

Regular readers of this blog have been speculating about the Micrognome’s disappearance for some time now. Rumours about: had the Gnome become so micro that he became was invisible, or was he plucked from the woods by a large bird of prey? Those of you who know better realised that when the gnome needs a long walk in the woods, there’s usually a good reason. To put it another way:

“Not all that happens in life appears in Facebook”

So what has the Gnome been up to in the last six months?

[the extended micrognome family can find the downloadable version of scientific journal papers on ResearchGate

Ebolavirus response

Melioidosis, or why those cultures stink

Antimicrobial resistance countermeasures

Expeditions: Denmark, Norway, Sri Lanka

Language learning

Learning the lessons of history (the Battle of Waterloo bicentenary)


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