Micrognome rebooted

Rebooted Micrognome




No, it doesn’t take a massive outbreak of viral haemorrhagic fever to get the Micrognome out of bed. But you have every right to wonder what the gnome has been up to lately. The air waves have been a bit quiet. Hopefully, you will be relieved to know that the Micrognome has reloaded his hard drive and rebooted the system.

While out and about, your favourite gnome got into a bit of a tight spot exploring a site of great historical importance in New Mexico, but was able to back out as the photos prove. He takes his food microbiology very seriously. Particularly when it involves cheese and good food. The Micrognome is living proof of the critical importance of good cheese in the lives of the rebooted. Follow his cheese tour of Europe here, including the cheese connection with TE Lawrence.

But now that we have a serious international health emergency unfolding in front of us, it is time to get an army of gnomes, rebooted, kitted out and into action. Watch this space for items on:

  • Ebola virus disease
  • Multiresistant hospital bacteria
  • Common tropical infectious diseases
  • Preparation for the FACTM exam

More on the cheeses later ..

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