The 2013 Micrognome Report

The 2013 Micrognome Report

And what a year it’s been for the Micrognome. We’ve been sent in a spin by moves this way and that. But as 2013 comes to a close, we can say that we have a new home at last. So, thank you to all those kind souls who helped us along the way.

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View towards Boram airport from Wewak Hospital

This year some of us have had the pleasure and privilege of working with inspiring colleagues in remote places like northern PNG. We salute their gritty determination in the face of an overwhelming burden of disease, and hope to be able to provide practical support in future through the Lab Without Walls and its partner organisations such as the Living Child.


Teaching and training have figured a lot in the 2013 calendar. We were able to launch a major eBook on Clinical Microbiology and made good use of the Pathology eLearning centre at UWA to flip the classroom. Despite this, we successfully debated against the tide of Dr Google. How long we can keep this up remains to be seen.


small group at work during malaria?TB ePrac

Small group at work during malaria/TB ePrac

Finally, in 2013 we said our final farewells to two international figures who stood at opposite ends of the development spectrum: Nelson Mandela, who sought understanding, respect and reconciliation; and Mikhail Kalashnikov whose AK-47 automatic rifle became synonymous with another method of dispute resolution. There is little doubt whom we admire the more. By the end of the year we had engaged in health development projects overseas in Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Oceania. We don’t know everything in store for 2014, but we can expect a steadily expanding programme.


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