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The 2013 Micrognome Report

The Micrognome’s highlights from 2013: a new home, global health & development, clinical microbiology teaching & training, eBooks and the last word on a few farewells.

The Great White Shark attack debate

New measures to protect Western Australians against shark attacks have provoked a wide-ranging debate about their likely impact on deaths, injuries and protected shark species.

Back story

Back story or back to basics? Our tale of a bad back, recently posted online by no less than the New England Journal, has a bit of background for students of microbial trivia. The Klebsiella that caused that specific infection had a collection of nasty attributes. This is the back story. For some years now […]

Micrognome joins Gr8 Deb8 (debate)

How a team of clinicians won the debate on clinical diagnostician v Dr Google, and why medicine will survive the challenge from DIY internet diagnosis by doing what it has done for centuries; embracing, adapting and mastering beneficial technology.

Flipping the classroom

How we fared in our first shot at flipping the clinical microbiology classroom: malaria and tuberculosis ePractical, September 2013.