Melioidosis – the movie. The Lab Without Walls goes to air

ABC Catalyst feature in full (YouTube).

The Micrognome can now reveal what the team got up to during National Science Week  – caught on camera by the ABC’s Catalyst programme digging for bacteria.

Melioidosis shoot

The story is about a significant shift in thinking about the origins of a tropical infection well known in the gnome home. So we’ve gone up in the world, from our own YouTube videos to stunning professional documentary. Maybe not movie-length yet, but we’re working on it.



This is not the place to spill the beans on Catalyst’s storyline. You’ll have to wait for the programme to air on Thursday 1st November. But you can get a sneak peek here.

Other microbes on the map

The Catalyst feature tells the story of one of the major themes we pursued during the Lab Without Walls roadshow earlier this year. The other theme was a group of mosquito-borne infections present in the region: Ross River and Murray Valley Encephalitis viruses. Molecular biology on the move – arboviruses or tropical bacteria; take your pick. We took the augur. And the GPS. There’s a geographical theme emerging here and a lot of gaps to fill in. So it’s not surprising that the team had to cover a lot of ground (a) to get to sampling sites, and (b) to join the existing dots on the map. GIS meets Taq polymerase.

Road show

Catalyst interviewed melioidosis researchers from WA and the Territory, explaining the connection between the ecology of the causal bacteria and the infection it causes. The transcript is available in full on the Catalyst website, and is followed by an extended Q & A session with viewers.


  1. I watched Catalyst broadcast on ABC tonight. Great show. Well done Micrognome et al.

  2. Excellent show. Exciting trip. Great work. Congratulations!

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