Germs by the ebook

The Language of Infection theme featured on this blog has now made it into eBook format.  


iPad users can now explore the world of medically important microbes with the help of additional media

  • picture galleries
  • interactive images
  • sound files
  • review questions
  • gesture-based navigation aids

Germ: the Language of Infection starts with the story of an outbreak of exotic tropical infection in faraway places, then moves much closer to home where the action has been simmering away for some time. And that is just by way of introduction.

The main narrative follows the theme of language building-blocks in this whistle-stop tour of infection. Readers of this blog will recognise the chapter titles: nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and punctuation. They are applied here in more detail with examples of the language in action and supporting media.

As with this blog, so it will be with the eBook. Germ, the Language of Infection has set its course to become a living document. The more users take up this invitation, the more this eBook will need to adapt to the on-line learning community.



  1. I knew this book was coming and I was looking forward to it. All my expectations satisfied – the book is well written, very informative, very useful as a source of reference for students and academics, and also for outsiders who want to learn more about the world of germs and infections. The book is interactive, entertaining and futuristic. ‘Leafing’ through it I felt the magic of the School of Hogwarts is becoming a reality. Well done!

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