Sharkenings – shark attacks to come?

Is it safe to go back in the water yet?

No fear of shark attacks:

If you had time to watch global traveler Simon Reeves in the first of his latest TV series on the Indian Ocean, you’ll have seen him quaking in his wetsuit as he set off in search of sharks close to the South African coast. No woosie shark cage for him. The intrepid adventurer nestled under a rocky overhand as ragged-toothed sharks glided by. His host argued that you can enter the water with sharks around and emerge unscathed. No risk of shark attacks?

Sharkening overview:

Sceptics are likely to be in the majority here, where the WA coast has been recently called shark attack central. I’m not so sure the waters of New South Wales are entirely free from sharks. There was another feeding frenzy after a fatal attack of WA this April. But fatal sharkenings have been mercifully few so far this year.  The Micrognome doesn’t claim any special knowledge on the subject, but his curiosity got the better of him after events failed to live up to the direst predictions. Here’s a revised version of our sharkening assessment:

The figures show a fluctuating annual total of reported shark attacks. There’s even a hint of an emerging three yearly cycle. Maybe someone out there has got an idea what might be causing that.

And how many of you have noticed how few women fall victim to shark attacks?  What’s going on there? Check out the gnome’s previous ruminations on sharkenings:







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