Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity


The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) was over in a few action-packed days. During the week surrounding all those high level meetings, Perth-dwellers welcomed a host of visitors from all over the planet.

partying on after sunset

Naturally, there were plenty of events to celebrate and showcase cultural diversity. Flags flew to mark the culmination of the Commonwealth Arts Festival, the best chanteuse sang, and the band played on into the night. The week long party ended with a spectacular display of fireworks on the banks of the Swan River, with the City of Perth as a backdrop.

The Micrognome couldn’t help notice this exhibition of Western Australia’s unique biodiversity, packaged in a cluster of boxes. Not the lab-in-a-box this time, but at least his beloved Kimberley got a generous mention. Sadly missing from this window on cultural diversity was any mention of the diversity of culture; specifically bacterial culture, we know inhabits this State. So much work to so, such large distances and so few already working on it. The Micrognome suspects there may be an opportunity there for an enterprising environmental bacteriologist.



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