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Shark map WA

Western Australia’s most recent fatal shark attack has given sandgropers something to take their minds off the current international event in town. Plenty of newsprint, news footage and comment has agonised over how to respond to another grisly death by jaws. Shark experts point out that the global death toll from shark attacks is around one tenth the deaths caused by coconuts. But that doesn’t help the debate much. We prefer to let the data speak for itself. Here is a summary of the geography and timeline of shark attacks in WA since 2000: the WA shark map.

Fatal shark attacks off the WA coast since 2000.

fatal attacks













Non-fatal attacks with serious injuries since 2000:

serious injuries













WA shark attack time line, 2000-2011






  1. Wow I’m surprised tha creasing of the shark attacts in 2010&2011 I wonder what his year will bring

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