Shark bitten

Calculated risk?

Shark bitten?  2 fatalities in as many weeks is not the best publicity for WA tourism as the CHOGM circus comes to town.

[The disappearance of a morning bather off Cottesloe in Western Australia has set off another salvo of rounds in the long-running debate over how best to avoid shark attacks.] That was the comment on 13-OCT-11. Now, with a second shark-attributed fatality in two weeks off the Western Australian coast, we wonder if paddlers, surfers and other beach goers might give the beckoning brine a miss for a while.

As soon as the beach was declared fit for use after the first attack, intrepid sandgropers were back in the water demonstrating their ownership of the shark-contested zone. Bathers strayed beyond the flags, but few ventured past the beacon. Examination of the stats suggests that the roads are a riskier environment than Australian coastal waters, but a second attack in such a short time has upped he ante.


For those who like to be well-informed, the Australian Shark Attack File has been maintained by Taronga Zoo since 1984. Three fatal shark attacks have occurred off WA this year.

October, 2011


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