Wedding fever

Wedding fever: a cautionary tale

No this is not another blog about a happy British couple who tied the knot recently, the thousands of people who camped out in the streets to see a bit of pomp & circumstance, or the frenzied attempts of a swarm of journalists saying something their colleagues hadn’t already said. Nor is it an allusion to the early clinical presentation of honeymoon cystitis. This is a sad and sorry tale of how what should have been a happy event for many becomes a torrid affair for a few.

A wedding breakfast was held in Louisiana in May, 1960. Shortly after the event a series of guests needed medical attention. By the time the Health Board began their investigation, 20 people were under treatment for typhoid. A further 11 cases were discovered, bringing the total to 31 wedding guests. Investigations implicated chicken salad sandwiches, prepared by one particular food handler. As there were 88 guests, the attack rate was 35% overall, and was as high as 50% of those 15yr and younger. Full account via PubMED.

There’ a catalogue of biological agents awaiting the unsuspecting wedding guest, most of which are food-borne and pack either an emetic or diarrhoeagenic punch, or both.

Revellers take care, wedding planners beware:

From a party-pooping MicroGnome, 29-APR-11


  1. Jarrad Hall says

    Let’s not forget the Haitian wedding that resulted in guests bringing back Vibrio cholerae to USA, UK and Venezuela.

    Never trust a food handler who travels…

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