Storms will come & the waters rise

Burkholderia pseudomallei growing on blood agar

The immediate impact of flooding in Towoomba, Ipswich and now central Brisbane has shocked the rest of the country, despite severe rainfall and flooding elsewhere.

The flooding that has ravaged so much of northern Australia in the last few weeks brings a sting in the tail for those involved in the clean up, according to experts in the Northern Territory. They warn that care needs to be taken by anyone in contact with wet soil or muddy water.

Here’s one to watch, as we approach the end of the year. Bureau of Meteorology cyclone watch website. And here is the 24hr rainfall chart, showing who fares worst, courtesy BoM.

The Bureau is the best source of updates on rainfall, flooding and other severe weather. Here are two samples of BoM graphics from the last 24hr. The full size versions and further details can be found at the BoM website.

QLD floods, JAN 2011

24hr rainfall, 11 JAN 2011

  • Recent weather conditions favour both exposure to the bacteria that cause melioidosis and spread beyond the specific locations already known to harbour the organism (melioidosis hot spots).
  • The infection has been diagnosed in residents of towns and smaller communities across northern Australia or their livestock, from the Top End as far south as Toodyay in Western Australia and Towoomba in Queensland.
  • Cases have been detected as far inland as Wiluna in WA and often follow severe weather events such as the ones we’ve just witnessed. Melioidosis vigilance should run at a high level at this time of year.
  • See also 6th World Melioidosis Congress conference report.


  1. RT @micrognome157: Storms will come What a good time to be getting in the lab and playing with this little bacteria…

  2. RT @micrognome157: Storms will come Australia: Deadly sharks, deadly snakes, and a deadly foe in inland flood waters.

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    RT @micrognome157: Storms will come

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    Tropical low expected over Kimberley shortly.

  6. I hope that there are few cases this year and that no one loses any loved ones to this horrid little bug..

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