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Septicaemia lecture

Lecture notes on septicaemia & bacteraemia

That soprano again

Septicaemia is a complex clinical entity. Successful clinical management requires prompt decision-making supported by selective use of laboratory aids. A knowledge of the local epidemiology assists presumptive antibiotic choice.

Sinister soils

Melioidosis is a potentially fatal tropical, soil-borne infection prevalent in Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and other parts of the intertropical zone. Though relatively uncommon in Australia, agriculture, mining and the effects of climate change are expected to affect the epidemiology of melioidosis. Improved methods for targeted environmental surveillance for Burkholderia pseudomallei, the bacterial cause of melioidosis, is urgently needed.

Missing parasites?

Notes on clinical tropical medicine, parasitology and entomology of Leishmaniasis

Making sense of antibiotic allergy

Adverse reactions to antibiotics reduce therapeutic options and increase the risk of unsuccessful treatment of infection. A different approach is needed, which requires a strong evidence base.