Archives for August 2010

Fingerprinting mycobacteria quicker

MANTRA, a new PCR-based genotyping method for field investigations of tuberculosis. Commentary on method and preliminary report.

Parasitology Masterclass

Notes from the Parasitology & Tropical Medicine Masterclass, RMIT, Melbourne, 2010 with links to key supplementary sources of information.

Wilderness & Expedition Medicine conference

To the Ends of the Earth: programme and new registration form for the Rural Clinical School day conference on Wilderness & Expedition Medicine, Bunbury, WA, 2nd October, 2010.

Wilderness & Expedition Medicine

Registration is now open for the Bunbury conference on Wilderness & Expedition Medicine, Saturday 2nd October. Download your registration form here.

FACTM exam briefing

Revised date for the Clinical and Paraclinical Fellowship exams of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine, with supplementary revision and application sources.