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Persistent dry cough

Coping with a persistent dry cough, but only just

Abdominal pain in an overseas resident

case of upper abdominal pain in overseas resident

Winter diarrhoea

post-infectious lactose intolerance (PILI) after Cyclospora and norovirus infection?

Post-infectious lactose intolerance

Questions on Post-infectious lactose intolerance (PILI) answered: Q. What is post-infectious lactose intolerance? Post-infectious lactose intolerance (PILI) is a temporary loss of the ability to digest a sugar known as lactose, commonly found in milk-containing foods and drinks. PILI is a complication of common gastrointestinal infections in people who were able to digest dairy products […]

Swimmer’s itch

notes on Schistosoma species for FACTM pt 1