Creatures in a state of war – the arboviruses & their vectors

The satirist, Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) wrote in 1733 that “Hobbes clearly proves, that every creature lives in a state of war by nature.” While the arboviruses and their mosquito vectors can hardly be described as leviathans, they continue to have an impact on the health of many millions living in the tropics.

The Arbovirus Infections unit for FACTM pt 1 study is now complete. Lecture notes for both modules (FACTM Arbo 1, and FACTM Arbo 2) can be found via this site. The live version takes place in the Emergency Department seminar room, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital,  at 06:50hr next Tuesday (11th May, 2010). Further details on the Calendar function of this site (right hand contents bar). Sources of supplementary information on arbovirus infections can be found on the Priobe Net.


  1. Give me a tent full of leviathans any day!

  2. Only if you're inside the mozzie net

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