Borne lyre

No, this post has nothing to do with deception, mendacity or plain lying.

This is about the group of mosquitoes that includes Aedes aegypti; that carrier of yellow fever and dengue. A. aegypti has lyre-shaped markings on the upper surface of its thorax, black and white legs and is one of the most successful Culicine mosquitoes. Its close relative, Aedes albopictus, sometimes known as the “Asian tiger mosquito”, has a silver stripe along the length of its thorax. Both are featured in the lecture notes on Culicine mosquitoes, which form a part of the FACTM pt 1 Arbovirus infections.

So there you have it: ‘borne lyre’ is a helpful little mnemonic that links the arthropod borne (arbo-) viruses with the Aedes group, and A.aegypti, in particular.

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