Magnificent mozzies

Features of adult female Anopheles mosquito

Features of adult female Anopheles mosquito
Features of adult female Anopheles mosquito

(redrawn & modified from M Service, Medical Entomology for Students, 4th edn, CUP, 2008)

After a week’s frenetic germ-hunting and malaria-mugging, μGnome celebrated a weekend off by getting out his drawing set again to sketch diagrams of malaria-bearing mosquitoes. So now we have our first set of mosquito recognition charts – for getting to know enemy aircraft. Well, if that works for you, why not run with it?  More charts will be released as we work our way through the FACTM pt 1 revision series.

If this whets your appetite for more, these figures were redrawn from Mike Service’s excellent Medical Entomology for Students, now in its fourth edition. The μGnome remembers using an earlier edition on the long path to μgnomic wisdom. While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, you could check out the Wikipedia post on mosquitoes.


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