Understanding malaria

The μgnome got out his drawing set and sketched out a schematic diagram of how Plasmodium species (the cause of malaria) uses both humans and Anopheles mosquitoes to keep its numbers up. Note how it finds multiple opportunities to amplify its numbers.

Malaria is one of the top three infectious disease challanges worldwide, accounting for millions of deaths per annum worldwide. More colourful diagrams can be found courtesy EMRO (WHO) and Nature, generously provided for educational purposes.

These illustrations will be useful for FACTM exam preparation. Clinical and Paraclinical FACTM model questions can be found here.

How Plasmodium parasites use human and mosquito biology to amplify their numbers

14th March, 2010.


  1. Thank you so much for your blog…

    • It’s a pleasure, but NB it’s also a team effort. Couldn’t manage without the support of a great bunch of colleagues. The Trop Med material is set to expand prodigiously, so watch this space. MicroGnome.

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