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Antiparasitic & antifungal agents for medical students

The notes for your lecture tomorrow (26th March) can be found on the web here. You will need both files: file 1 – challenges; file 2 – therapeutic agent tables.  Supplementary material on malaria can be found elsewhere on this Blog. If you want to discuss specific aspects of treatment arising from the challenge questions, […]

Newly emerging disease: carpox

The μgnome would like to advise colleagues of a newly emerging infectious disease that has caused a potentially fatal outbreak among private motor vehicles in Perth.

In search of fado

Travels in fado’s homeland

Smashing time at the Large Hadron Collider

News is that the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva is back in business. So what has this go to do with medicine, the biological sciences and infection? The μgnome thinks it’s not a long stretch to accept that the smaller the scale the closer the convergence between biological, chemical and physical processes, especially at the […]

Melioidosis challenge

Here are a few questions to tickle the grey cells while you kick back and prepare for another week battling germs. You might even want to use the comment option to fire back dot point, short notes style answers: Give a brief account of the Burkholderias Explain the differences in virulence among Burkholderia species Describe […]