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cough & splutter

Life in the fast lane, Jim, but not as we know it … precordial thump has just posted a series of thumbnail sketches of pneumonia, complete with a series of questions. A good revision exercise on the range of clinical presentations you may encounter, aetiology, and antibiotic choice. Go on; test your knowledge. You know […]

More on malaria

Malaria study materials for the FACTM part 1 exam

Q fever: another query

the problem of interpreting serological tests for Q fever

The Mosquito Man

Life in the Fast Lane has finally recognised Ronald Ross’s contribution to our understanding of malaria with a Crazy Bug Hunter feature on the man who finally worked out the missing links in the malaria cycle. The μgnome points out that he would not have got there without the prior work of Manson, Laveran and […]

Postscript on clinical microbiology applications of cell biology

μgnome predicts image-based reporting of bacteria in blood cultures, and live/dead cell analysis of antibiotic efficacy in future clinical service