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Rare appearance by μGnome

μGnome put in a rare appearance on a recent post. Normally a shy backroom chap, he’s more difficult to spot than Wally. But he was caught unawares by the paparazzi yesterday, wearing his pointy red cap.

The Monster In Your Makeup

According to a report in the Daily Mail, women are at risk of bacterial infection from makeup and other beauty products that have passed their use-by date.  Their report alleges that some women admit to retaining items for up to 15 years, and cites expired lipstick as a potential cause of dry, cracked or blistered lips. […]

Bom dia

Bem vindo, patologistas, microbiologistas e outros leitores! Do tempo ao tempo eu escreverão um comentário no português para meus colegas em Brasil e outros países que falam a mesma língua.  Eu escrevi pouco em jornais brasileiros, mas estes têm tudo sido na língua inglesa. Quando eu trabalhei com os colegas em Brasil, eu realizei quanto […]

Have you been vaccinated? Think again!

Last year the Southern Hemisphere was first to experience a full influenza season prior to the introduction of an effective vaccine. This gave us an opportunity to tackle some important questions about epidemic influenza and how it compared with seasonal infection.

Time for a bit of education?

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